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Radeon Instinct Mi50 32GB Server Graphic Card (100-506194)

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The Radeon InstinctT MI50 compute card is designed to deliver high levels of performance for deep learning, high performance computing (HPC), cloud computing, and rendering systems. This new accelerator is designed with optimized deep learning operations, exceptional double precision performance, and hyper-fast HBM2 memory delivering 1 TB/s memory bandwidth speeds.

Scale your datacenter server designs with AMD's Infinity FabricT Link technology that can be used to directly connect up to 2 GPU hives of 4 GPUs in a single server at up to 5.75x the speed of PCIeŽ 3.01.

Quickly achieve reliable and accurate results in large-scale system deployments with the Radeon InstinctT MI50 which is equipped with full-chip ECC2 and RAS capabilities3.

Combine this finely balanced and ultra-scalable solution with our ROCm open ecosystem that includes Radeon Instinct optimized MIOpen libraries supporting frameworks like TensorFlow PyTorch and Caffe 2, and you have a solution ready for the next era of compute and machine intelligence.

Optimized for Deep Learning
The Radeon InstinctT MI50 server accelerator designed on the world's first 7nm FinFET technology process brings customers a full-feature set based on the industry newest technologies. The MI50 is AMD's workhorse accelerator offering that is ideal for large scale deep learning. Delivering 26.5 TFLOPS of native half-precision (FP16) or 13.3 TFLOPS single-precision (FP32) peak floating point performance and INT8 support and combined with 16GB of high-bandwidth HBM2 ECC memory2, the Radeon InstinctT MI50 brings customers the compute and memory performance needed for enterprise-class, mid-range compute capable of training complex neural networks for a variety of demanding machine deep learning applications in a cost-effective design.

Accuracy and Speed Now Go Hand-in-Hand
For High Performance Compute (HPC) workloads, the Radeon InstinctT MI50 accelerator delivers incredible double precision speeds of up to 6.6 TFLOPS, allowing scientists and researches across the globe to more efficiently process HPC parallel codes across several industries including life sciences, energy, finance, automotive and aerospace, academics, government and more.

AMD's next-generation HPC solutions are designed to deliver optimal compute density and performance per node with the efficiency required to handle today's massively parallel data-intensive codes; as well as, to provide a powerful, flexible solution for general purpose HPC deployments. The ROCm software platform brings a scalable HPC-class solution that provides fully open-source Linux drivers, HCC compilers, tools and libraries to give scientists and researchers system control down to the metal.


Graphics processor family


Graphics processor

Radeon Instinct MI50

Stream processors



7 nm


Discrete graphics card memory

32 GB

Graphics card memory type

High Bandwidth Memory 2 (HBM2)

Memory bus

4096 bit

Memory bandwidth (max)

1024 GB/s

Ports & interfaces

Interface type

PCI Express x16 4.0


OpenGL version


OpenCL version



Cooling type


Product colour



Power consumption (typical)

300 W

Supplementary power connectors

2x 8-pin

System requirements

Linux operating systems supported


Weight & dimensions


267 mm

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