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Climasys CC - Electronic Hygrotherm - 200.240 V - Temp -40.80 C - Hr 20.80

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ClimaSys CC Electronic hygrotherm. Display type by OLED screen. 200V AC to 240 V AC. 85 x 56 x 44 mm. Optional NTC external sensor. Electrical connection by 8 connectors 2.5mm˛. Mounting mode by screws or clipped. 2 ventilation/heating function. Made in PC. Light grey. Self-extinguishing UL94 (material V0), Protection IP20.



range ClimaSys
product name ClimaSys CC
product or component type Electronic hygrotherm
temperature setting range -40…80 °C
humidity setting range 20…80 %
display type OLED screen
information displayed Relative humidity
Temperature in °F
Temperature in °C


input voltage 200...240 V AC
sensor type Optional NTC external sensor
maximum switching capacity 4 A 230 V AC
electrical connection 8 connectors, clamping capacity: 2.5 mm²
mounting mode Clipped
By screws
height 85 mm external:
width 56 mm external:
depth 44 mm external:
mounting location 35 mm DIN rail
Cross rails
Spacial upright
On mounting plate
ambient air temperature for operation -40…80 °C
hysteresis 2 K programmed value
hysteresis 3 %
number of outputs 2 ventilation/heating function
material PC
colour Light grey
flame retardance Self-extinguishing conforming to UL94 (material V0)
product certifications UR
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