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IPM IT Manage - License 15 nodes

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IPM Manage and Optimize Editions bridge the gap between physical power infrastructure and virtual IT.
Eaton Intelligent Power® Manager (IPM) Manage and Optimize Editions integrate seam-lessly with your power hardware to provide unparalleled business continuity capabilities. Both Editions manages all network connected power infrastructure devices, including UPSs and rack based power distribution units (ePDU®s), triggers virtual machine migra-tion plans and shuts down non-essential devices in order to keep your business running during power and environmental events.

Ensure business continuity
Automate business continuity
with flexible policies based on physical infrastructure events, including power and environmental conditions.Define and execute sequential load shedding or disaster recovery policies for a VM, a vApp, or groups of VMs/vApps from directly within Intelligent Power Manager.

Workload management
Remotely and gracefully shut down servers and select storage devices during a power event.Prioritise and shed non-critical loads to extend runtime during an extended power outage.Trigger VMware vMotion, Citrix XenMotion and other migration applications to transparently move virtual machines to an available server on the network.

Trigger VMware Site Recovery Manager disaster recovery plans during a power outage.

Power capping
Keep critical workloads running longer during a power outage by limiting server power consumption.

Improve efficiencies and lower costs
System integration
Simplify setup and reduce the learning curve by conveniently integrating into existing virtual management systems, allowing you to spend time performing other critical tasks.

Remote agentless host management
Conserve valuable time when remotely shutting down servers by eliminating the need for agents that consume resources and slow performance.


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